Where does CBD come from?

Where does CBD come from?

CBD comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabis Sativa is one of the most widely studied and controversial plants on the planet. Some see it as an illegal drug while others see it as a miraculous source of healing. How can some hold it in such high regard while others scoff at the mere thought of using it for medicinal purposes? The difference of opinion lies in a simple misunderstanding. Most of us don’t realize that industrial hemp and marijuana are NOT the same thing and that they can be used for entirely different purposes. This is where the conflict lies.

We can use corn as an example to help get the point across. There are thousands of different strains of corn; some are used for eating, while some are used to ground into flour. Some strains are used to make ethanol while others are fed to cattle. Cannabis is just as versatile. There are over 779 known strains of cannabis. It is obvious that eating pop-corn at the movies doesn’t mean that we would be okay drinking a pint of ethanol. Why then, is it so hard for us to see that just because we use hemp oil as a natural source of healing doesn’t mean we are okay with smoking marijuana?

The hemp plant is a phenomenal source of medicine, with giant strides in research being made every day. Once we understand that it is 100% safe and extremely effective, cannabis derived products such as hemp oil are viewed in a new light. At healed⁺ our primary goal is to educate. By educating those who know nothing about cannabis and even those who do, we can break down barriers and everyone can witness the healing powers of hemp.

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