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Live an Active and Fuller Life With CBD's Therapeutic Benefits

Cannabidiol, better known by many as CBD, is a hemp derivative that’s believed to offer a wide variety of health benefits to those looking to improve their overall health and wellness. As someone looking into CBD for the first time, however, you might not know exactly how CBD functions or whether or not it’s right for you. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common questions surrounding CBD, what type of therapeutic benefits CBD might have to offer you, and how you can get started on your own journey with CBD. 

CBD: Dispelling Common Myths and Misconceptions

The CBD industry has exploded in recent years. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t impacted by certain beliefs or rumors surrounding its use. Maintaining your peace of mind and using CBD confidently means addressing some of these myths and misconceptions before you try CBD for yourself. What do you need to know about CBD before you try it? Here are some of the most common myths about CBD and the truth about it.

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CBD Can Get You High

Because CBD is derived from the hemp plant, many people confuse its effects with those caused by cannabis.

Can CBD get you high? Absolutely not!

 CBD is a naturally-occurring chemical belonging to a class of chemicals known as cannabinoids that impacts certain receptors in your body (found in the endocannabinoid system). Tetrahydrocannabinol is also a cannabinoid and one of the most well-known cannabinoids we think about. But while THC does have psychoactive effects, CBD does not. Rather, it’s believed that CBD acts similarly in nature to THC to target some of the same areas THC does without causing the high that you get when you smoke marijuana (CBD pain relief, CBD for anxiety, CBD for sleep, etc.). 

Additionally, there’s a massive difference between hemp and cannabis, even though these two plants belong to the same species. A cannabis plant is considered hemp when it produces flowers that contain no more than 0.3 percent THC. Healed+ contains no THC, so you don’t have to worry about getting high when you take it. 

Note: This may not apply to all CBD products! If you shop for CBD at a local dispensary, you may find products that combine THC and CBD. This is why it’s best to look for products like those offered by Healed Plus if you don’t enjoy the experience of being high and want the benefits CBD provides.

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Myth: CBD Is Illegal

Because of its heavy association with cannabis, some may be led to believe that CBD is illegal. This is another common myth that may prevent those who are interested in experiencing the therapeutic benefits of CBD for themselves.

So, is CBD illegal? 

Nope! A piece of legislation passed in 2018 called the Farm Bill made the production of hemp-based products legal. Because CBD is derived from hemp, this means that the product is federally legal as long as it meets the requirement of having less than 0.3 percent THC in the product.

 If you want to take CBD, you’ll be relieved to learn that you can get your favorite CBD products shipped right to your door with ease.

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With CBDs Therapeutic Benefits

Active an Fuller Life

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(Alternatively, CBD Is Risk-Free)

Myth: CBD Is Dangerous

There are two types of myths that often circulate about CBD. The first is that CBD is a dangerous substance, and the second is that CBD is a substance that’s risk-free. 

Regarding the first one, the reality is that CBD is not going to pose a major health risk to you. You can’t overdose on CBD, which is especially beneficial for those using CBD for pain relief and sleep or using CBD for arthritis. CBD is one of the less harmful natural substances out there. If you’re taking CBD, you don’t have to worry about the risk of overdose, addiction, or other issues. 

That being said, to say that CBD is entirely risk-free is not exactly true either. There are a few side effects associated with CBD that some users may experience when they try CBD for themselves. These include fatigue, dry mouth, drowsiness, upset stomach or diarrhea, and reduced appetite. 

Another consideration to make when taking CBD is how it might interact with certain prescription medications you’re taking. While CBD doesn’t have a reputation for being particularly disruptive, you should follow the “grapefruit warning label” rule of thumb. Simply put, CBD may interact with specific enzymes in your body, causing your body to metabolize certain substances too fast or too slow, which can cause a buildup of that substance in your body or prevent it from staying in your body long enough to do the intended job. 

If your medication tells you not to take grapefruit, it might be a good idea to avoid CBD as well. However, you can always talk to your primary care provider to learn more about whether or not CBD is right for you.

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CBD Pain Relief

Now that you have a better understanding of what CBD actually is and how it functions, we can start taking a closer look at the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Before we do that, however, it’s important to note that more research needs to be conducted to definitively prove some of the claims being made about CBD. CBD may also work differently from person to person, so you may need to experiment with your favorite Healed+ products to see how they interact with your body!

One of the most popular products is CBD pain relief products. Some research suggests that CBD may support those who are dealing with acute or chronic pain, targeting pain and inflammation in the body. What might CBD be a good match for? Some ways you might be able to use CBD for this purpose are by purchasing CBD for age-related pain relief (like CBD for arthritis), CBD topicals like roll-ons for minor aches and pains, and CBD tinctures that spread throughout the whole body.

CBD for Treatment of Cancer Symptoms

Note: CBD is not an appropriate replacement for traditional cancer treatments. Do not replace your treatment plan with CBD or attempt to cure cancer with CBD if you believe you have it. Always reach out to your doctor and work with health specialists employing research-backed cancer treatments to work towards curing your cancer. 

The biggest problem for many who want to use THC for its pain relief benefits or other related benefits is the psychoactive properties of this cannabinoid. This is where CBD might be a suitable replacement for certain issues. Some cancer patients who have tried CBD to alleviate the symptoms of their disease have reported relief from nausea and vomiting, mental distress stemming from cancer or cancer treatment, and related side effects. 

Whether you’re interested in using CBD for cancer pain relief or other symptoms that one might use THC to reduce, Healed+ can offer you the psychoactive-free experience you’re looking for!

CBD for Anxiety

Note: Much like with the above statement, CBD is not an appropriate replacement for mental health services and medication. If you’re experiencing severe anxiety disorders like panic disorder or if you have depression (especially when accompanied by suicidal ideation), reach out for help as soon as possible. There are resources out there to help you receive effective treatment for anxiety and depression!

Do you experience minor bouts of anxiety? Do you get nervous before major events in your life? If you experience minor anxiety, research suggests that CBD may be able to alleviate symptoms of anxiety for certain people. CBD is reported to be very mellowing, providing you with the same kind of relaxing feelings you might get when you smoke cannabis without the high (which might actually induce anxiety rather than reduce it).

If you lead a high-stress lifestyle, want to make sure that you experience less anxiety in your day-to-day, or you simply want a product that you can use to unwind after a long day, Healed Plus is here to offer you the best CBD products you can apply to potentially reduce anxiety symptoms!


CBD for Sleep

CBD for pain relief and sleep are among two of the most popular applications for CBD today. Much like CBD produces a calming effect that can work to reduce anxiety symptoms, there’s also research that supports the idea that these same calming effects help people get a better night’s sleep. For those who struggle to sleep, this can be a great way to address sleep issues, especially when you pair CBD products with other sleep hygiene practices. For example, observing practices like moving throughout the day to tire yourself out, sleeping in a dark room without lights, and giving yourself plenty of time to fall asleep can also help you get better sleep. 

Even better, there is a range of Healed+ products that you can use for sleep. Whether you want a tincture so you can employ CBD for pain relief and sleep or you want to use CBD gummies with melatonin to get even more specific sleep support, you can find it here!

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